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Family History Research

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Family History Research
Searching Family is dedicated to capturing and preserving the history and stories of people's lives.  From tales of great achievements to quiet lives, devotion, love and every day life.  I can take you on a fascinating journey into your family's past. 
Perhaps you've heard bits and pieces of your family history from one of your grand parents, aunts, uncles or your parents.  Those stories found a special place in your heart and mind. Over the years, those memories remained, then suddenly, one of your loved ones passes.  You now realize how little you really know. Buried in those recollections of your relatives, are stories just waiting to be told. I will help you to uncover some fascinating information about your ancestors.
Once we have gathered as much information as we can through personal interviews and accumulated documents, we can establish your family's geographical background to some extent.  I will then begin the research through city, county, and state records, libraries and archival work.
I can assist you in learning about the creative abilities that run in your family. Such as: singers, artists, teachers, writers, farmers, politicians, seamstresses and tailors, to name a few.  If your ancestors did factory work, dairy farming, were a merchant or traveling salesman, I will determine if the companies for which your ancestors worked, have had histories written about them, and include that piece of history in your family tree.  Your family members will appreciate this particular gift of their heritage.  Also, knowing an ancestor's profession can lead to new possibilities for illustrations for your family history book.
Within your ancestry, you will learn about your family's health history. The more you know about it, the stronger your family’s preventive health plan can be.
America is a nation of immigrants, so the entry into this country is a dramatic turning point in most of our family histories. To find actual evidence of our own ancestors' entry into America, immigration records are the key, as these are the documents that most directly link us to the homelands of our ancestors. 
As I gather data, I record it on a computerized genealogical software program. Where I create, compile and upload, scanned research documents, photos, and records into your family tree. I cite the source for all information. I am passionate about accuracy. My list of facts from legitimate sources gives your research validity and credibility. When I am finished with your family history, I will provide you with your own family history book.

Writing your family history is a gift, like no other. It won't get broken, thrown away, or replaced by a more expensive toy. It actually increases in value over the years, rather than depreciates. It is one that can be enjoyed by many people simultaneously. And if it isn't used or appreciated right away, it will still be there when the recipient is ready for it.  This special gift will be enjoyed for many generations to come.

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