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I have built a strong reputation for excellence in the genealogical research community over the years. I strive to provide my clients with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and customer service whenever I take on a family history project.

When you decide to work with my company, you will be working with a market leader in genealogical research services. I really take the time and interest to do what's best for you as a client, and I will always work hard on your behalf, to uncover all of your family's mysteries. It is important for me at Searching Family to build long-term relationships with my clients, and I work diligently on each unique research project in order to achieve my client's unique research goals.

Please read below to find out about what my clients are saying about me.  I am proud of my work and appreciate the many outstanding clients who make this important and rewarding work possible for me at

What my Clients are Saying

I have worked personally with Jody on many cases over the past three years. She has assisted me with cases involving genealogical research, locating living heirs for oil and property leases, adoption locator services and people finder assignments. Jody’s persistence and knowledge has allowed her to locate answers and solve cases where the information could not have been found through any other source.  When you're coming up empty using database services, Jody is your woman! I would highly recommend her for any assignment. If Jody can't find it, no one can!
Clif Venable

A legacy yet to discover
 My name is Rober` Sanders and I am of African decent and I am involved in a comprehensive family genealogy project. My personal goal is to recapture and discover as much as possible the history, legacy, and experiences of my family members.  I found the statement made by Kimberly Powell, Trace Your Family Tree Step-by-Step, to be very true that few areas of American genealogy research pose as much of a challenge as the search for African American families. The vast majority of African Americans are descendants of the 400,000 black Africans brought to North America to serve as slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries. Since slaves had no legal rights, they are often not found in many of the traditional record sources available for that period.    My goal is to produce a complete story about my ancestors that is exciting or at least interesting, to read.  A true story to cherish and pass along to future generations, complete with sources and documentation. To achieve my goal and to ensure the quality of results that I desire, I quickly realized that I needed special help to uncover family legends and anecdotes, and weave them into an exciting generational saga about my unique and obscure family.  I needed help to uncover wills and deeds, birth and death certificates, marriage bonds, letters and photos that would tell my story.

After extensive research, interviewing dozens and dozens of professional genealogists from all over the country, referrals, and observing her personal attention to each research, Jody Concha and her genealogy research service proved to be outstanding.  She has used creative ways to uncover and discover information about my family.  Whenever she encounters a road block, she somehow finds a way around it to discover the missing truths. Together, we have faced some of the many obstacles that confront African American research.  For example, we have encountered the lack of available records, and bold face prejudice where records for Blacks and Whites are still kept in separate files, at the genealogical and historical society.  As an expert genealogist, Jody's research approach surpasses the obvious techniques, when clients are serious about discovering answers for their sticky research questions.  She cooperates, coordinates and combines our efforts, with others, to the maximum extent possible, where there is a similar mission.  This saves time and expenses.
She has obtained obituaries, birth, death and marriage certificates, cemetery photos, church histories and performed oral interviews for me. She has taken the information gathered, from her investigations and performed further research to back up her findings.  Jody has tied them altogether to make a McMichael-Wright family tree for me.  She has allowed me to get in touch with some of my living relatives, many of whom I have not spoken to in many, many years!  It was a joy and a blessing to share what each of us has been doing through the lost years.

 I have established a long term relationship with Jody, as we continue and extend my research beyond South Carolina and North Carolina.  My surnames are: Wright, McMichael, and Carson.  I strongly recommend that everyone should tell their African American Family's Story and no one will provide the personal attention to your research as Jody Concha.  Too few African American families tell their stories. Once you really get into the research, you will discover amazing stories about the lives your ancestors led, just from finding and interpreting the records. You will renew and make anew contact with living family members. 
 Jody, thank you for all you do in support of my family research project.
 Rober' Sanders

Jody Concha is the best I've ever seen at locating people. She's prompt, thorough and really a pleasant person to work with.  Jody, I think you've done great work. We're in a highly competitive business and I wouldn't want you working for my competition if I can help it. With the price of Oil going up daily it's a shark feeding frenzy out there. George Melton, Wilson Oil & Gas

To whom it may concern,

I am Delorise Sexton and I would recommend Jody Concha for any and all research problems that most of us have, as she has done me a great justice of finding a lost Uncle of my Sullivan ancestors'. Without her, I would have either have left my ancestor, of whom I had just about given up on, on the back burner for quiet awhile, as he has been there for quiet some time already, but with Jody's help, she has opened new avenues for me to continue my research on my Sullivan ancestor/ancestors', especially of my William Sullivan. If I ever get stumped again on any of my researches for my ancestors, I will definitely go back to Jody Concha, as she is not only great in her research, but as a person herself.     Delorise Sexton     email:
Anyone who is contemplating whether or not to hire Jody Concha, let me tell you my story. I belong to a number of Internet Genealogy Mailing lists. On one of the lists, I noticed people were getting astonishing results from "Jody."
I was having no luck with researching my IRWIN family from Ohio, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to e-mail Jody and ask for her help. I am so happy I did.
With her knowledge and expertise, she found for me some IRWIN ancestors of mine that I wasn't even looking for. She was able to document as far back as my Gr. Gr. Gr .Great Grandfather from Ireland, Thomas IRWIN.
Jody has a gift for genealogy. She is experienced, professional and above all, very quick to find your family. I urge you to give her a try, as I couldn't be happier with the results she achieved for me!
Shari Cygan, Ohio e-mail:
To Whom it May Concern:
Jody Concha was exceedingly helpful to me while I was trying to trace the Adams genealogy. She gave me information I had not been able to get elsewhere and I am extremely grateful. Thanks to her, I have been able to find some ancestors I never knew existed. All the time and effort she has put in is greatly appreciated. My name is Bettye and my e-mail address is
My name is Beth Coxon and I am involved in a family genealogy project. I am a 43 year old adopted woman who comes from a very loving home but still had that desire to establish some biological roots for myself.
I searched for, and met my birth mother in 1985. We had a relationship for quite a few years but because of the distance, mostly took place through cards, letters and telephone calls. She passed away in 1998. Since she was married, but separated at the time of my conception and birth, and my biological father was also married with a family at the time, I refrained from looking him up. Since she had given me his name, I decided this past Spring to search for him. I found him easily and have established a very close and nice relationship with him and his family. In meeting him and learning about his life, family, and history, I became interested and involved in the genealogy of his family. I have been researching for months now and was able to dig up quite a bit of information about his surname (Kebschull) and family history, but there were still many loose ends.
I decided to contact Jody Concha from Jody's Genealogy Research. She responded to my request immediately and had information within a few days that took me entire months to find!! I was extremely impressed with her accuracy and speed in responding and getting hard to find information! Her service is highly recommended. I particularly like the way she responds to me and my family as though we are the only family she is researching, and like we are...FRIENDS!
The personal interest she shows in invaluable. She was able to obtain cemetery records, immigrant records, census records, and much more information. I find myself rushing home from my busy day at work as a Pre-K teacher to see if there are any new emails from her containing new information!
Feel free to contact me with any questions or information about Jody's Genealogy Service.    Beth Coxon
This letter recommends Jody Concha as a competent and reliable researcher of family history. I contacted Jody to inquire if she had done any research on the Wallace/Wallis lineage. As I live on the West coast, it is difficult to obtain information on ancestors who were born and lived in North Carolina and Georgia. Very promptly, Jody was successful in locating and verifying information on some of these ancestors. She also provided me with contacts for genealogy searches in Georgia.
I appreciated Jody’s friendly, efficient and prompt response in assisting with some of my puzzles and brick walls. Also, I felt her fee for work performed was a reasonable stipend.
Ginger Wallis 8730 S.E. 48th Street Mercer Island, WA 98040
Dear Researchers,
I am very happy to recommend Jody to anyone requiring help with genealogy research. My experience with her has been very rewarding. I have known Jody online for the past four months. Since I have taught English grammar for 23 years, I am impressed by Jody's creativity, genealogy researching and writing skills. Jody used her extensive New England genealogy resources to help lift the veil on two generations of my ADAMS as well as my SANDERSON families. Her research is timely and thorough. Also, Jody was able to locate where to purchase an old historical book for me. When I was able to help Jody with her ADAMS family, she was appreciative and eager to help me with my research! Here is a quote from Jody: "It really means a lot to see more than names and numbers, but to see who they were and what they have done in the past." Feel free to contact me directly Jan Jordan at:
This is a note to let anyone, who is interested in getting help with their family research, know that I highly recommend Jody Concha. She seems to delight in helping others find their roots. She has many of the "tools" at her disposal and makes very good use of them. She has helped me locate some of my New England ancestors whom I might never have found otherwise.
I feel that if you need help getting started with your research or help with a "brick wall," then Jody will be your best bet. She knows the right questions to ask to get you on the right road.
If you would like to contact me personally, please do so at:
My name is Judy Penland and my roots are very deep in New England, even though I now live in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. Researching: Pinney, Packard, Crawford, Piercy, See, Barden, Bradford, Etheridge, George, Hatch, Alden, Frost, White, Buckland, Hyde and Eastman. All in New England.

Thank You, and I look forward toward working with you.  

Jody Concha 

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